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Blockchains are considered as a potentially revolutionary technology in a variety of fields, including supply chain tracking and healthcare, as well as the basic technology for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), as reported by Cointelegraph. The huge interest in blockchain technology has spurred a slew of research and development activities.

As a result, the blockchain sector is highly fragmented, with clients having to select between numerous incompatible technology. However, functions such as sending tokens from one participant to another and executing smart contracts can only be performed within a single blockchain because interoperability across several blockchains is not normally expected in existing protocols and standards, Cointelegraph noted.

In the context of blockchains, interoperability refers to a blockchain’s ability to freely exchange data with other blockchains. On a given blockchain, for example, every item possessed and every transaction made are documented. With the correct interoperability solution, any economic activity that occurs on one blockchain may be represented on another. This means that the economic activity from one chain can extend to another, which is one of the primary features of blockchain interoperability solutions.

Interoperability in the context of blockchains refers to a blockchain’s capacity to freely exchange data with other blockchains. Every item owned and every transaction made, for example, are documented on a certain blockchain. Any economic action that occurs on one blockchain can be represented on another with the right interoperability solution. This means that economic activity from one chain can spread to another, which is a key element of blockchain interoperability solutions.

Sharding, for example, can be used to address low throughput and scalability difficulties. A distributed ledger is sharded when it is broken into little bits that may be handled separately, allowing for parallel transaction processing to improve performance and scalability.

(With insights from Cointelegraph)

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