Value Finance: Moves To The Next Level As The Staking Event Set To Take Place

Press Release

Value Finance is a decentralized finance solution geared to empower Blockchain-based businesses, is pleased to announce its Staking Event, starting from 2nd February 18th February.

The $ VFT Token

Value Finance has a native token, $ VFT. It is used to power the Value Finance ecosystem and serves the following purposes:

  • To pay trading or transaction fees.
  • To organize a charity to support every vulnerable community member.
  • To be a part of the project’s governance structure.

Value Finance Products and Services

Stake Event

Value Finance has also set plans for the Staking event, with the duration of 2 weeks. Value Finance’s users can stake their digital assets to generate revenue with upto 100% Stake APY.

Further Info At:

About Value Finance

Value Finance is a blockchain service solution that’s set to redefine decentralized finance. At its core, Value Finance helps to empower both new and existing projects with the required support and infrastructure for active blockchain participation. Value Finance aims to help most projects build their services through consultancy.

Value Finance is involved in the multi-blockchain bridge, multi-scan DApp, and Value Merch Store. The multi-blockchain bridge helps to transfer assets across multiple chains, while the multi-chain scan DApp will be deployed to enable users to check details of a token regardless of the chain it’s being deployed on.

For the Value Merch Store, the store will help to showcase all the products or services being launched on the blockchain.

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