Top 5 Gaming Cryptos To Pick In 2022

Video games are something that everyone can relate to when they grow up. It is the best stress reliever after school and a unique way to find a parallel universe in the digital space. Maybe everyone remembers Mario’s great moments or the Contra quest. As a result of increasing the appeal for self-indulgence through role-playing, action and adventure, the gaming industry has turned huge, grossing $ 170 trillion and is expected to break into a quarter of a trillion over time. The next 5 years.

These numbers really determine that the game economy is the next big thing to watch out for. However, the players who are the main economic stimulus have very little to demand other than self-entertainment. What if players could take their share of the contribution towards making the game economy now?

It may sound out of the box for you, but Web 3.0, using NFTs and blockchain technology, aims to achieve it. And to some extent, that trend has already begun in South Asia on a large scale since the millennium, when video games began to be part of their daily routine. Or some of them quit their daily work and gave up all their time to play games.

So it’s not surprising when some crypto games record a 300% to 500% increase in price. Since most gamers are busy interacting with those environments by locking their cryptocurrencies as fuel to mine NFTs, upgrade themes or create unique icons. That raises the question of what crypto games are all about in the first place.

What is a crypto game?

Crypto Games is a gateway to a true Web 3.0 experience where players gain full control or ownership in a gaming environment using them. In previously centralized games, players could not own and earn money from weapons, skins, and rare characters that they created in the game environment. With the help of cryptos gaming, they can do this using NFTs and blockchain technology. These symbols are the fuel running game environment in which players participate in quests, interact with the game environment and win prizes. The upside here is that rewards can be earned for real money in the physical world.

Why Gaming Crypto has FAD?

Crypto games have become very popular because they are encouraging users for their time in the gaming environment in different ways. Thus, allowing gaming to evolve beyond the sources of entertainment to the economy, generating revenue for gamers, developers and game companies alike. To further illustrate this point, take the example of Millennium, who actively participated in these games and made good money.

In the Philippines, more than 60,000 people are playing Axie Infinity, like Jeffrey Zirlin, head of growth at Axie Infinity, and they are making as much as $ 2,000 every month mining rare NFTs in Game atmosphere. The ecosystem has seen a dramatic increase in the number of active users, which has increased from 4,000 to 2 million in several months due to this huge reward.

So it makes sense why the price of AXS launches for the moon in a few months ranges from a few dollars to as high as $ 165.37. As a result, people have turned to crazy investments in cryptocurrency, allowing game companies to raise $ 476 million in the first six months of 2021. This trend will continue throughout the year and may even extend beyond 2022, citing a lot of metaverse activity and the rise of metaverse gaming. Having said that, as it is common sense, trends are your best friend if you want to withdraw money on this occasion, here are some top coins that you should keep on your radar for 2022 while Who chooses to play crypto games.

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Top 5 Crypto Games to Buy in 2022

# 5 Gala

In November 2021, the Gala recorded an unprecedented 550% increase. Recently, however, due to the Fed’s downside and pessimism in the cryptocurrency market, falling signals have created a very good entry point. With the Metaverse concept likely to explode in 2022, the Gala could be the top choice to capitalize on right now.

Gaming Cryptos - Gala Price List for 2021 by CoinMarketCap

# 4 Star Atlas

A lot has happened in the metaverse and crypto games are on fire as the two revolutionary technologies merge the sky as the limit for growth. Having said that, Star Atlas is the perfect combination of the two concepts combined. In Star Atlas, players can create rare mines, explore and trade NFTs in contrasting gaming environments.

Great visuals of the game environment will make gamers addicted to the environment. In addition, there are many opportunities to withdraw money for gamers while creating skiing, enjoying quests and many activities in the ecosystem. With that said, Star Atlas could explode in 2022, seeing the madness of the game reach a new peak in 2021.

Cryptos: Star Atlas Price List

# 3 Yield Guild Game

Axie Infinity is definitely the best choice to get involved in crypto games as it is very new to the market. But now that you know you need 3 Axie’s to get involved in the gaming environment, it’s hard to let that reality sink deep. The reason, according to Axie, is now $ 50. So if you want to join the gaming environment to earn Axie Infinity you have to pay $ 150.

The YGG symbol breaks down such barriers to entry by creating the concept of a shared economy for gamers. In this model, the Guild Gamer will provide the necessary assets to facilitate smooth access in the gaming environment to earn money. In return, they will ask for a deduction from your net income earned in the gaming environment. Maybe it’s not a bad bet, given the craziness for the games played for revenue and the high entry fees involved for gamers.

Yield Guild price list is the same as Coin Market Cap for 1 year.

# 2 Cannot be changed X

Immutable X is the next innovation that the gaming ecosystem is playing to make money right now. Using an immutable ecosystem, X NFTs can be eliminated at values ​​close to zero. By comparison, with Ethereum chains, users can spend up to $ 100 on gas.

Going forward, by 2022, games played for monetization will become even more important than now, and economical solutions will be required to reduce rare NFTs. At that time, this ecosystem will definitely be very interesting since it can interact with many gaming environments built on top of different blockchain and at a fraction of the cost. In a way, uniting the entire game verse under a single ecosystem for mining NFTs in an efficient and economical way.

By 2022, these symbols have great potential based on the use cases and utilities they bring to the ecosystem. If you bought it in small quantities, storing it in a wallet or hot bag is a good way forward. However, if you have purchased in bulk, a cooler bag is a better option for storing your crypto.

# 1 Enjin Coin

Enjin is a slow start to consolidation at a certain price point throughout 2021, but it will end up being a project that is considered less expensive but has a lot of potential. To understand this, you must understand that even if you do well in a gaming environment, there is no guarantee that the game will last forever or that you may be interested in staying there.

Having said that, sometimes you might feel if I could move this asset that I created all this to a new gaming environment and know its value there. Is there a solution that can help achieve this? With Enjin Coins you can move your NFTs well across multiple gaming environments in a seamless and economical way. Players will be given more freedom as a result, and they can view gaming as a way to sustain their lives when they can realize the true value for their collection, regardless of the gaming environment. They work.

Enjin Coin Price List vs. Coin Market Cap

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