SpartaCats Troll Doge a Billboard Advertising PURR Meme Coin in front of the Tesla & SpaceX Office

The SpartaCats meme coin project is going to place an advertising billboard in front of Elon Musk’s office. Since the well-known Dogecoin meme coin owes much of its popularity to the head of SpaceX, the banner advertising furry dog ​​opponents will be placed where Musk can not help but notice it. With its first advertising campaign, the project team claims that in addition to the fact that cats are objectively more popular than dogs in most countries, there is the real value behind the SpartaCats meme coin. This sets PURR apart from both DOGE and all other coins in its class.

The billboard will include four slides arranged one after another and tell the viewer a single story. The content of each slide reflects the essence of the SpartaCats philosophy in the form of a comic book and, of course, contains a reference to a specific meme. The general idea of ​​the story that the slides tell is that meme coins with dogs have been too overvalued in crypto history, which means that the time has come for meme coins with cats that are ready to fight them.

The Campaign Storytelling

The cats take off from the ground on a rocket, leaving Shiba Inu below, who, with a face strongly reminiscent of Elon Musk, is smoking something (yes, just like in that very interview).

Next picture is a reference to 300 Spartans where the cats are pushing all dogs off the moon. We see how dogs fall down after bitcoin, while cats stand firmly on their feet.

Then cats fly to the moon and put their honorary flag there (by the way, there`s some easter egg on King Meowidius` ring that you will be interested in solving).

And, well, on the last banner, you might guess the reference to the meme with a cute white girl sitting on the couch among a group of African Americans.

What Are Meme Coins and Why DOGE Is Certainly Overrated

Meme coins appeared in contrast to the serious statements that accompanied the birth of the largest cryptocurrencies. If Bitcoin and Ethereum promised to change the world and tear the banking system to shreds, then Dogecoin appeared as a joke, and as their parody. Its goal was to entertain the crypto community, and no one ever thought that in the future, such a coin could bring more profit than hundreds of cryptos with truly valuable products behind them.

Nevertheless, it became true. Today, DOGE is on the 10th line in terms of popularity among all cryptocurrencies. It’s even higher than Tron and Dai! On the one hand, this shows the huge potential of meme coins, while on the other, it is obviously a consequence of the situation that has developed on the market today: the capitalization of cryptocurrency, to put it mildly, is not in direct correlation. with its real value to society.

The Problem of the Meme Coin Market and How SpartaCats Solves It

Today, we see a rather unhealthy situation in the meme coin space. There are two main problems here: no real value behind meme coins, and manipulators who exclusively manage the market. The most obvious example is DOGE which was sent to the moon by Elon Musk. This expression can be understood literally: playing on the Dogecoin rate has already helped Musk raise funds for a spaceship which he called DOGE-1. The recipe for success was quite simple: every time Musk mentioned Dogecoin in his blog on Twitter, the joke coin`s price exploded.

Now, every crypto enthusiast knows well: Musk is a notorious troll. He repeatedly tried to manipulate the price of the first cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and sometimes luck smiled at him along the way. However, as for the DOGE, the current inconceivably high position that the coin occupies is entirely his merit (or, rather, fault).

So it happened in the meme coin industry that funny coins began to be issued, seemingly for the sake of laughter. However, at the same time, those who have their own audience – bloggers, media, opinion leaders – managed to make good money on meme coins by using the pump-and-dump scheme. And after a certain coin worked out, and the hype passed, that meme coin, as a rule, died.

SpartaCats aims to reverse this state of affairs. The fact is that there is a value behind the project`s token named PURR – a whole ecosystem that will develop endlessly, benefiting all its participants. That is, unlike all its predecessors, the PURR token will be backed by real value – for the first time in the world of meme coins.

What Is the Value of the SpartaCats Project

SpartaCats is not just another meme coin, even if it is very expected and ambitious. Yes, this is the first cat meme coin that is going to conquer the world, because there are obviously many more cat memes than memes with the dogs. But this intention is far from all that distinguishes the project from others.

SpartaCats has a great goal to create a single ecosystem of the meme coins community and NFT users. SpartaCats is a fully decentralized ecosystem built on DAO principles, where PURR tokens are fully distributed among community members, and those who purchase NFTs receive voting rights.

PURR tokens are not just joke coins, but assets with useful utility functions. With their help, users create clans and communities, hold championships thus forming the economic hierarchy of the entire meme coin ecosystem.

In addition to the blockchain community members, the SpartaCats ecosystem also includes international organizations around the world that deal with cat issues. These are shelters, charities and crypto projects dedicated to cats. With all of them, SpartaCats will actively interact in order to make it much easier for cats to live in the human world.

How SpartaCats DAO Will Function

SpartaCats will issue 300 NFTs and one trillion PURRs in total. Of the 300 NFTs, 20 will be distributed among the core team, 10 will be given to key partners and influencers supporting the project. The remaining 270 will be distributed to the public over 4 years at regular intervals. One NFT is equal to one vote, and those who acquired the project’s NFTs become DAO accomplices and receive the right to manage the community by voting. All 300 will form the SpartaCats DAO Foundation.

SpartaCats Bounty Program

On May 30, the SpartaCats Bounty program started. You have the opportunity to join the utility meme coin community and become the SpartaCats face and voice. The right to become the first PURR holders will receive those players who will complete tasks thus gaining access to the game. After that, they will be able to claim their NFTs and SpartaCat tokens. In addition, there is a referral program where participants receive 10% of PURR tokens from the friends they have invited.

PURR`s Listing

On June 4, SpartaCats launched the liquidity pools with subsequent farming programs on BNB Chain and Everscale. The listing of the PURR token took place on June 4th, too, and the coin has made an X8 price increase already. Trading is being conducted on two decentralized exchanges: PancakeSwap and FlatQube. Those who manage to get PURR tokens during the Bounty program will get the maximum benefit, as the early bird catches the worm.


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