How To Save Time And Money When Cashing Out Your Crypto

Thankfully, cashing out your crypto from an exchange is not that hard. After all, most exchanges offer a fairly straight forward process that links your bank account to your exchange. That’s great and all, but that convenience can cost you an arm and a leg in your local currency, and take five days.

Seriously, most exchanges offer bank transfers that cost 15-20 USD – and sometimes percentage points on the size of the transactions. That’s a serious chunk of change for the honor of getting your money in five days (hopefully).

This is why we put together our “How To Save Time And Money When Cashing Out Your Crypto,” guide. In this guide, we will focus on using’s Visa Card to cash you out into fiat.


  • Saving Money Withdrawing Crypto
  • Why’s Card Is A Good Choice
  • Where To Sign Up
  • How To Use Your Card

Why’s Visa Card Is A Good Choice

Your first question is likely this: why is a credit card the best way to cash out your crypto? It’s a fair question. I mean, it’s a credit card, not a wire service.

First off all, the fees are just simply better.


Beyond the low fees, is the fact that by using the card you cut off the middleman – so to speak. How so? Let’s consider how the card works.’s Metal Visa card is a reloadable credit card. Instead of reloading your card with just cash like your average reloadable credit / debit card, you can reload it with your crypto. gains. All you have to do is convert your crypto into fiat instead of going through an intermediary that unnecessarily adds cost and time to the equation.

Before we get into converting your fiat…

Where To Sign Up

First off, if you haven’t signed up for, we have a handy guide to help you out with all of that. Just click here.

After you’ve signed up for the exchange, you need to sign up for the card. To do that navigate to the home page.


If you’re not too distracted by Matt Damon, head up to the top of the page where it says “Products.” Hover over it – do not click on it.


You’ll see this pop up. Click on Metal Visa cards. you will be brought to the cards sign up page. There you will se if your country is supported and you can sign up for the card itself.

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Saving Money Withdrawing Crypto: How To Use Your Card

Now that you’ve been approved for your card, you are just about ready to start saving that time and money we promised up top.

Begin again by hovering over “Products” just like last time.


This time, click on exchange home. Here you can sell the crypto you have on


Once there you’ll see a plethora of crypto-wise options. For more info on how to buy and sell on, you can check out the guide I linked above.

Once you’ve sold your crypto into fiat, the only thing remains is toping up your wallet. All you have to do is navigate over to the credit card again.


Click top up. And just like that you now have the crypto you sold ready to buy things with fiat wherever Visa is accepted.


Let us know if you have any questions with a comment below.

Also, if you are looking for other exchanges that do more than we have a helpful guide for you. The guide will show you the best crypto exchange for beginners, advanced traders, and how to save for retirement for crypto, among other things. Click here.


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