How to buy a land on the moon?

How to buy a land on the moon?

Everyone has a dream to buy a land on the Moon. All of you must have thought at some point that if there was some ground on the investigation, what would you have to say. Recently, a surat glass merchant had bought land on the moon for his two-month-old daughter. Before this, many big celebrities have also bought land on the moon.

Plot on the Moon-

If you want to buy land on the moon, then you can buy land online at Discounts are also given for this from time to time. You can buy land here as per your wish. Here you will see the names of many areas of the moon like Bay of Rainbow, Lake of Dream, sea of ​​Vapors, sea of ​​Clouds. You can buy land in any of these.

Would you be able to register as well?

After buying land from this website, you get its complete documents. After buying the land, you also get the certificate and registry.

What is the cost of land on the moon?

The cost of land on the moon is much less than in any other part of India. The cost of land on the moon is around $ 34 per acre. You can pay for land not only by debit and credit cards, but also with apple Pay and Bitcoin.

Will these rules be obeyed?

If you want to buy land on the moon, then you have to pay in dollars for this. If you wish, you can convert your currency to dollars. If you want to buy more than 500 acres of land, then you will also get the facility of EMI.

will not be able to claim the land-

The most important thing here is that you will not be able to claim any kind of land after buying it. Actually in the year 1967, 104 countries had signed an agreement. Under which the moon, stars and other things in space are not the property of any one country. No one can claim these.

India has also signed this agreement-

Sushant Singh Rajput was the first actor to buy land on the moon. He bought it from the international Lunar Lands Registry in 2018. His land is in the ‘Sea of ​​Muscovy’ of the moon. Sushant got this land in his name on june 25, 2018. To monitor this land, Sushant also bought a telescope 14LX00.


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