2 surprising uses of blockchain that could change the world

By now, we all know the most known use of blockchain technology: cryptocurrency.

Of course, this isn’t all there is though. In 2022, we’ve seen NFTs (non-fungible tokens that are part of the Ethereum blockchain) capture the public’s imagination – but outside of this, blockchain as a whole hasn’t translated into something most people use.

In fact, the majority of news in this space often appears hyped or pointless. From an outsider’s perspective, it appears as though companies put things on the blockchain simply because they can. This led to things like ‘blockchainified’ salmon and baby milk formula that, you guessed it, was on the blockchain.

The hype – alongside businesses’ desire to get as many column inches as possible – has made it tough to separate fact from fiction, the useful from the useless.

To try and get some clarity on this topic, we contacted a couple of experts in the space to try and find out some surprising uses of blockchain technology that could change our lives – and one of these was Patrick Layer, the Head of Growth in the Circular Business Division at PVH.

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